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Health Care Privacy Injuries

Although a relatively new area of the law, invasion of privacy claims related to the wrongful disclosure of confidential medical information has become a hot topic in recent years. Because of technological advancements, it is much easier for persons to obtain our confidential information. To combat this, laws have been put into effect to prevent unauthorized persons from receiving information related to our confidential health records. Despite these laws, there are still renegade employees and others who review confidential information and illegally disclose it to others. I have extensive experience in this area and believe to have one of the nation’s first jury verdicts in this regard, namely in the case of K.C., et al v. West Virginia Medical Corp., dba University Health Associates, Civil Action No. 99-C-509, tried in the Circuit Court of Monongalia County, where the verdict exceeded $2.2 million. In that case, the plaintiffs’ claims revolved around sensitive psychological information being disclosed by an employee of a psychiatric facility causing severe emotional distress to the patients involved. Because of the extensive work done on this interesting case, I have the knowledge and skill necessary to pursue these important invasion of privacy claims.

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