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Mining Accidents

For hundreds of years, West Virginia has had a rich heritage and pride connected with our coal mining industry. However, despite all the positive aspects of mining, it continues to be one of the most dangerous of all professions. Although many mine accident injuries are relatively minor, all too often serious and devastating injuries and death result from violations of MSHA regulations or defective equipment used by the miners. The cases are legally and factually complicated. One such case handled by this firm, that being Roberts v. Consolidation Coal Co., 539 S.E.2d 478 (W.Va. 2000) went up to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and altered the concept of comparative fault relative to employee (the miner) versus employer (the mine company), thereby eliminating any argument that the miner was partially at fault. This case, which was tried and won against Consolidation Coal Company in Monongalia County, West Virginia, dealt with a miner who, while working on a long wall mine, was crushed by an electronic mine shield. Thankfully, the miner survived but unfortunately was left with disabling injuries. Having had experience in handling both the employer and manufacturer component of such cases, I have the skill necessary to handle the claims of miners and their loved ones.

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